This past weekend I was able to shoot for my fellow fashion major friend Phil Panza. We did a couple clean studio shot of some of his clothing to post to his new website he’s launching. After a quick discussion he gave me a few songs he felt represented his brand and I’ll be using those as music inspiration for the stop motion video I’ll be creating out of the photos. One song that he urged me to use was “You Took Your Time” by Mount Kimble. The mellow tone reflects his calm and relaxed disposition, these elects will help me organize they way they stop motion will be shown. Opposed to quick fast cuts they will be much more lackadaisical and fluid.



The first teaser of the Found Models video has been completed! I’m so excited for them to release the final video I created.  The idea behind the model promo video was to allow the model to showcase how they see themselves as a model. All the girls had a say in what they wore, their hair choices, and makeup. this gave them the opportunity to be presented they way they desired ultimately showing their true selves. We asked the girls a couple of adjectives that described themselves and used those to evoke the emotion through film. Unfortunately my account type doesn’t not permit me to upload video so below are a few screenshots from the teaser.







I’ve recently have been working with the Found Models creating model promotional videos for them which showcases their talent of modeling. Each girl received 30 seconds within the video and we kept them true to themselves, allowing them to express how they wanted to be portrayed. Not only did I shoot video but I captured film still of the girls because I’m going to continue doing the gif/photo collage for my social media. Scanning those film images will give them a vintage feel and once I begin to rip the paper open intricately it will reveal a teaser of the video!



Group 1.jpg





This weekend I will be shooting for a few Senior fashion majors, as well as having my own photoshoot for my business cards and a new Linkedin profile picture. Updates soon!


I’ve finally finished episode two of the Cymcole “Stepping Out the Shadows Series” and they aired it o her Youtube Channel. The link is below!


I’ve also finishes my animated gif/collage! I’ve been trying to find a new way to showcase my photography on my instagram to balance my Photo and Video major. After coming up with a design layout I decided to try a stop motion collage and a gif combination, creating my first version entitled Q.U.E.E.N. Below is the Link to my instagram as well as a screenshot of the layout! Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 9.56.45 AM copy.png

This week has been full of finalizing projects as well as finally seeing the outcome of past projects. This week I was published in Schon Magazine for my videography. I was featured in a collaboration with a few artist and they premiered the editorial this week for the November issue. Below is a link to the site and also to the video!

the green room


After presenting too the class for my presentation I started working on my branding heavily. On my social media platforms my user name was “Seanperryyyy” but after realizing all of my films open with “A Sean Perry Film” I thought it would best to change my user name to “seanperryfilms”. This establishes I’m a filmmaker which helps with the confusion of me being only a photographer. Although I switched my name like I said previously I’ve created a format that allows both skillet to shine equally. Videos will be aligned in the middle column and photography from the same shoot will be shown on the outer two columns. I had a meeting with a friend and we’ve cultivated an idea for my business cards. Despite being told I shouldn’t use an animated character he thought it would be cool as long as I do only half of my face. So I’ve scheduled a photoshoot to give him updated pictures to draw from! I’ll then start the process of finalizing and prating my business cards.




As I previously stated I’ve been working on a behind the artist documentary entitled “Stepping out the Shadows” which follows singer “Cymcole”. The first episode has premiered already and  followed her during rehearsals for  Atlanta showcase and music video. The second is preparing for it’s release and documents her trip to Atlanta along with her music video featuring Rich Homie Quan. I’ve attached screen shots below to give an exclusive sneak peek of episode two since it hasn’t been released yet and I can’t post it. Following Cym on her journey this summer was an amazing experience. It showed me a lot about how the music business is ran and how video plays such a huge part into brining their music to life. My all time favorite part of filming was being able to see how human these icons truly are.




The photo collage moving gif/film is still in the works. I’ve finally finished editing a decent amount of the photos so now I’m going to be printing and transferring them to the photo scanner. I will also be buying a variety of papers to create different shapes and objects that will be animated throughout the piece. There is a video created by Quentin Jones that I’e been looking to for inspiration I’ve linked it below with the images I shot as well.




Along with working with Cymcole I’ve recently been hired as Editor for rap group E.Y.W. There was a music video previously filmed for them and I was asked to re-edit it because they preferred my editing process. After being given the footage I was able to grasp the story they were telling and add my own twist to it. I colored graded, created a sound design, reorganized the story, added effects, and graphics.


E.Y.W – Y.W.N


Over the summer I had two internships one of which was with a music company. Working over the summer with them led to a job and I’m currently still filming and editing for them. I’ve been documenting the growing process of Artist Cymcole and creating short episodes for a series entitled ” Stepping out the Shadows”. It introduces her as an artist and explains her artistic journey leading up to her ep “Shadows” release. I’ve completed two episodes so far and I’m finishing up the third. During the weekend I edit the videos and photos to keep her social media up to date. Below is a attached some of the work I recently completed as well as behind the scenes content.

Blog 1


Behind the scenes of Blog 2



Photos for Social Media





We’ve been shooting frequently in my digital imaging class and I’ve taken the opportunity to experiment with my photography. As I previously stated Quentin Jones is a huge inspiration of mine and I want to start incorporating collage work within my photos. This weekend I schedule a photo shoot with a model friend of mine to take comp-card photos for her. Shooting on an all white background we kept the photos clean and natural using minimal makeup and no hair styling. The shoot went really well but the process of post for  the photos are next. I plan to create hand cut shapes and designs to scan on top of the original image. After the images are scanned I’ll create a moving gif out of them and layer music on top of it. I got the inspiration from a Quentin Jones fashion film which was amazing and eye-catching. I’m going to be cutting the shape of Isabella out of the photo, placing it on top of denim cutouts and then layers my cut out shapes on the scanner as well. This will give the photos a playful element. Below is a few images and videos I used for inspiration.


Inspiration Video


Inspiration Photo’s





Animation & Cinema | 1st Blog Post

Over the summer I’ve been heavily researching for my senior thesis this coming year. Films from the 90’s – 80’s are a huge inspiration of mine, so I spent a lot of time doing character research from 90’s thriller, drama, and horror films. There’s a sense of authenticity and honesty I believe those films have that many don’t possess today. The script I’m working on is of the thriller, & horror genre which is why movies such as Misery, The Lost boys, I know what you did Last summer, The Craft, IT, Halloween, The Shining, Christine, and Nightmare on Elm Street have been great to study.




I’m inspired by a number of artist ranging from photographers to musicians. A couple of photographers I admire are Quentin Jones, philip lorca dicorcia, Dalong Yang, and Donte Maurice. I admire both styles because I love the look of editorial mixed with a casual setting. The way Donte and Philip make their images look as if they are stills from a movie captivates me. Dalong and Quentin both have a very strong artistic eye and even mix collage work within their photography. Their technique inspired me to step outside the box even more and try mixing layers of video that would give a collage feel. I also love director Hype Williams, his creative aesthetic and ability to tell a story through a music video caught my eye at a very young age. Watching his many music videos inspired me to want to create music video for artist as well. I’ve actually been working with a couple helping develop their video content as well as shoot their music videos!


Quentin Jones


Dalong Yang

layout-3.jpg Dalong Yang 2.jpg
Philip Lorca Dicorcia

9d38de4dd3793a9dfc3725bfe2bf65e1.jpg 1536LS_diCorcia_Chris.jpg

Donte Maurice



Hype Williams



I’m currently working on a documentary series on an up and coming artist entitled “Stepping out the shadows”. I’ve finished editing and finalizing two episodes and one’s premiered already. It will be a 4 part series introducing her as an artist and showcasing her musical capability. Not only will one get to know her personally, there will be an abundance of behind the scenes content featuring popular music artist. I’m also planning to shoot a beauty editorial for my Digital Imagining class. Still coming up with an idea.

Cymcole “Stepping out the Shadows”




Creative Habit 3

This entire process has been pretty awesome! I have so much new material to pull from when it comes to screen writing or even making a short film. Usually I build up toward a project, it’s difficult for me to start something new everyday but this project broke that mold. I was unsure of how I wanted to showcase the stores, in the beginning I thought of doing voiceover but that took a while and exceed the time limit given. y struggle was finding a way for the story to connect with the reader without showing the tory tellers face or using their voice. After a class critique they recommend I take photos of my interviewees but make them very discrete. I decided to zoom i non interesting facial features or clothing. The ending result came out nice! I do wish I was able to visit more places to reach different age demographics and ethnicities. Other than that I think the creative process project went well! Below are my most recent and interesting stories. Photos are all mine!





Tether Ball Hell


” This story actually makes me mad, I genially get mad all over again talking about it. Sophomore year I was sitting in the classroom on my phone, across the room from me was this clique of boys that played football.  So I’m sitting there minding my own business on a typical  boring Monday texting waiting for class to start. The boys are lightly passing the ball back and forth. I’ll never forget this part right here, George Winciniak, the leader of the group reaches over to grab the ball and deliberately throws that shit right at my fucking face. The teacher was standing right there watching it happen, he didn’t even say anything to the kids, he didn’t even ask if I was okay! Like you just saw me get hit in the fucking eyeball on purpose, my eyes rolled back in my godamn head and you didn’t even discipline them? I was like oh hell no, so I went to go to the office and tell on them but guess what! The teacher stopped me and told me to keep it what happened in the class on the down low because they couldn’t afford the boys getting suspended during homecoming week. Like are you kidding MEEEEEEE?!?!?!?! But any who I decided to tell anyway and the whole school was pissed at me because we lost the game. Did I care? No because I got my justice for my bruised eyeball and ruined their week. But yeah that’s my crazy story of a group of douches trying to play bounce the ball off of “Anonymous” head.


– AN

Ponytail Disaster



” Looking back on this now it’s actually really funny but when it happened I was humiliated. During my senior year I joined the majorette team, it was the popular thing to do since the movie “Drumline” had just come out. Surpassingly I was pretty good at it and practiced everyday because I want to be just like the girls from Drumline at the time. We practiced this intense routine all summer to perform at the school assembly. Now in my day the school assembly was the place to be, there was so much school spirit which is why everything about our performance had to be perfect. When the day finally arrived I was so nervous but also very excited. From this point on things get blurry because I literally tried to erase this from my memory. As we hit the gym floor the music starts playing and the dancing commences. I’m hitting every move on point, serving face, and attitude but it all went down hill fro there. I whipped my hair a little too hard and my ponytail came off. The entire crowed started laughing but I had node why until the next hair whip. When there was nothing whipping I looked to the ground and saw my ponytail on the floor. Let me just say this, I have never ran so fast in my life! I was out that gymnasium with the quickness. for about 2 months they called me the weasel wonder but hey it could have been worse.”



Prom Date = Future Fiance



” I’ll keep this short and sweet, Senior year my current boyfriend asked me to prom I turned him down because I already said yes to another guy. Well turns out the guy I said yes too was a total tool and did nothing to treat me like a lady that night. There were no held open doors, no pulling out of the seat, and no opening of the car door! I was completely over it by the time we arrived at the location. Not to my surprise my date ditches me to hang and dance with his friends. At this point I’m ready to go home so I call my brother to come pick me up but he didn’t answer. Someone sits next to me and I look over and it’s my current boyfriend. I was very confused as to why he was sitting next to me but I didn’t care, anyone was better than that weasel who treated me like his brother. Usually when a guy sits next to you they flirt or atlas try to make conversation, but nope he was a mute. So I’m thinking go wants me to be a lesbian at this point but then the unthinkable happens, he asks me to dance and escorts me to the floor. While we were dancing I made sure to get in a spot where my date could see me but as me and the guy started talking I forgot all about my revenge plot. He was so nice and made great conversation. I basically danced with him all night and he took me home. A few days later I get a text from the guy who took me to prom.. wait I said  this would be quick, let me warp it up. I’ll just skip the part where the river troll tries to check me about ditching him at prom. Any who I ran into my prince charming at Kroger and we have a little small talk, I was hoping for more but he just kept it simple. This is the best part so I kept looking in the flower section and mentioned how I wanted new towers, so as I’m leaving I get a tap on my shoulder and I run around to a bouquet of flowers! He asked me on a date and the rest is history”


High School Stories 2

This is the continuation of my interview process of random people. This time around I found the stories to be a little more comedic than dramatic. It’s my favorite when people tell me they don’t have anything interesting and then they remember something really good. These short story interviews are really helping me with story lines and exploring different genres! I decided to keep the stories true by writing exactly what they said and only cleaning it up to make it easier to read.


Poisonous CupcakeChocolate_cupcakes.jpg

“I had this really cool and fun relationship with my culinary teacher, she always had a light energy about her. One day we we’re assigned to make cupcakes and I thought it’d be funny to play a joke on her. My mom bought laxative pills earlier that week because she was trying to do some weird cleanse and that’s when my idea came to me.  Before I went to school I took a few lativies from her cabinet and headed to class. During our cooking  assignment I decided it’d be funny to put one in a cupcake and give it to my teacher, clearly I was not thinking because talking about this story now I see what a stupid ass idea it was but let me continue. Executing the plan properly was my downfall, I literally did not plan anything out…like nothing at all. Instead of cooking the laxative in the batter like I originally planned the laziness kicked i band I just decided to stick it in he middle once the muffin was finished. Well my plan completely backfired, I gave he cupcake to my teacher and she willingly took it. Now since she was a cool teacher a lot of sunders from other classes visited her.  After class was over apparently this girl came in and asked if she could have the cupcake. My teacher being the cool lady she is gave it to her, mind you the girl she gave it to is hella dramatic. As  eats the cupcake she notices the small laxative pill in the middle and seats freaking the fuck out! She accused the teacher of trying to poison her and allegedly the girl had a huge theatrical flip out, I wasn’t there for it because my class was over but everyone one was talking about it. Word got back that I made the cupcake and I got suspended for 10 days and I had to clean the kitchen for the rest of the year. I don’t regret the prank I just wished I did it better”



Bully Break Down

popular bullied iStock omgimages.jpg

“I hate bullies like I can not stand them, especially ones who bully in groups. There was a girl in my french class named Brooke and she was like tormented and abused daily by this girl and her friends. It was funny because these were not your typical bullies, if you were to like clsssfy them they’d be nerds. So basically it was like some sort of nerd beef but any who  I did not like the way they treated her. A lot of people thought the drama between the girls was funny because they were seen as low on the social scale but that didn’t matter to me, I’m not going to sit there and watch someone get bullied for entertainment. These girls would like  poke and threw pencils at Brooke, and one day I had enough. So on the last week of school they stepped up the bullying by making jokes about Brooke not being existent and started pretending she wasn’t there. One girl even sat on her and that’s when I flipped. I immediately stepped in and called the girls out for being bitches. After I yelled at them they looked super scared and stopped, but  I could tell Brooke was happy someone stepped in to save her from the ugly little trolls. Immediately after class ended I informed the staff of the issue but Brooke was actually very scared of the girls, so she lied and said nothing happened. The next year they started again with her in the cafeteria and she flipped! She was screaming and yelling to the top of her lounges like a mad woman. They like went to the office and she spilled all the tea to the administrators. The mean girls we’re sent to alternative school I think, but yeah it was wild. I never seen someone go wild banchi that quick”



Sexting Scandal


“In 11th grade girls were sending out nudes like nobody’s business, but no ones ever got leaked until Dominic came into the picture. Dominic was pretty much with every guy in the school, even her best friends boyfriend. The entire school knew about Dominic sleeping with her BFF’s boyfriend except for the BFF. Well one day a girl got mad that Dominic slept with a guy she liked, so she told her best friend about the nudes Dominic sent to her boyfriend. When I say a world wind of drama unleashed I mean it,  like it was a drama tornado. The best friend immediately confronts Dominic and Dominic tried to lie and say it wasn’t true. The best friend is all in her face and pours her coffee all over Dominic in front of the whole hallway crowd that gathered around. So we all thought it was over… nope! The best friend got ahold of Dominic’s nudes and put them on twitter! Not only that but she also put her boyfriends nudes on Twitter too. The whole school was talking about it, especially because not a lot of drama happens. Faculty caught wind of it and guess who was the one that got expelled… the best friend! They expelled her for releasing child pornographic material because Dominic wasn’t 18 yet. When I day the best friend was pissed, she was pissed, so pissed she wanted even more revenge. From what I heard the two got into a fight at a house party, oh wait also Dominic has that on her record now too! But yeah it was insane, I felt like I was living in a gossip show.”


Mom Dating Teacher


“Ummm…I really don’t have a crazy story but I have kind of a weird one. One day during dinner my mom told me she had a guest coming over, I was like “ummmm…okay”. Now who walked through the doors threw me for a complete loop, it was my counselor. Apparently she thought it’d be cool to break it to me that they’ve been dating over a meatloaf dinner. It was quite an equate experience and even better when they broke up because it was awkward seeing him in school afterwards…super awkward.”




Photo sources:








Creative Habit 1

Bomb Evacuation


“So there was this Assistant principle that these guys hated because she was such a grouch, her name was Mrs.Aldridge. They hated her so much that they decided  to get her fired to make her leave. David was the smart guy, he literally could hack anything and everything. Ryan came from a rich family of lawyers and Donovan, well he was just the idiot of the group. They all got together and sent this anonymous letter to the Assistant principle threatening to bomb the school if she didn’t leave. Well, with her being the grouchy bitch she was she decided to not leave and test the bombers. Since she wasn’t budging they stepped it up a notch and started creating these videos of explosions which caught the polices attention. No one could find out where the videos were coming from since David was a master hacker. The FBI was called and shut the entire school down for weeks as they began searching the lockers with dogs and machines. They eventually got caught and had to pay for the FBI services which were really expensive and they were expelled from school.”




Credit Set Back

high school dropout.jpg

” I wen’t to high school for three and a half years in Ohio but when I transferred to Pennsylvania my credits did not transfer because the school in Ohio worked as a college where you were able to pick your credits. Pennsylvania didn’t work like that because they had strict requirements you had to fill, so when I went back what would have been my senior year I had to start back over as a freshman. I was like fuck that, so I dropped out and went to alternative school and finished 4 years in a year and a half with a 3.4 GPA.”


Lovers Revenge


“It was my, I think sophomore year? The boy I’m dating now I was dating my freshman year, we broke up and then sophomore more year he was dating this other girl. She was like from “LA” like, no she’s a bitch, her parents are rich and she’s like “I hate the corn mill, like I want to go back to California, like omg Cali.” And so she was an asshole to me obviously because I dated him and freshman year like when we were dating he wrote me a note that said “birthday sex” with a question mark because it was his birthday in like a week. I was like “Lol” I’m a virgin because we both freshman and I was 15 like what the fuck. So sophomore year I still had the note and gave it back to him on his birthday while he was dating her. Somehow she found out, so her and her friend started bullying me. They would like follow me down hallways mocking me and making fun of me. but then he cheated on her with me and now we’re dating again so HA HA bitch”



Cat Fight Fever


“My best friend senior year always had a crush on this boy I was dating. Apparently the two had a thing back in 6th grade but… that was 6th grade. So as me and him started getting closer she started acting slightly aggressive toward me. One day I was leaving her house and she smeared a sandwich on my car window shield and tried to play it off as a joke. I knew it was out of jealousy, so I got pissed and started yelling at her to clean it up. For the rest of the week me and my fiends ignored her, so she became friends with this girl she talked so much shit about. Everyday at lunch we sat at the same table but since me and my best friend were arguing no one expected her to be there. As we go to sit down we notice her and her new friend making smart comments. At this point I’m completely over her, so we start a yelling and getting in each others faces. I got so pissed I poured my milk over her head and pushed her into the wall. Security came quickly, but by time they came we were pulling each others hair on the floor. We both got suspended for 5 days but it was worth it because I got to drench her in milk.”




Unsuccessful Food Fight



“Me and my buds had been planning this food fight all year long. We tried our best to keep it a secret so no one found out about it but my friend Collin told his big mouth girlfriend who told all her friends. Eventually word spreads that a food fight will happen at the end of the year. the office called us down and I’m super pissed because I thought we were going to get in trouble for something that didn’t even happen yet, but luckily we just got a warning. As the end of the year approaches they started having security at lunch. The last day of school arrives and the cafeteria is filled with staff and security to make sure nothing goes down. Since we got a warning we knew we couldn’t start it, so I had my friend a few tables down start the food fight off but when he threw the pudding cup only a few kids retaliated. Luckily I wasn’t the one apart of the action but my friend threw me under the bus and said I asked him to do it, so I ended up getting in trouble for that lame food fight anyways. The good new is my little cousin had a successful one the next year.”